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Smooth Series™

Smooth Series™ Cellular Deck

Smooth Series Cellular Deck product line provides clean beam-to-pan rivet attachments and eliminates the issue of unsightly burn marks created by the traditional welded attachments.

Product Sheet

    Features and Benefits:

  • No more burn marks, no more field touch-ups required…saving on labor costs and time.
  • Specifying Smooth Series Cellular Deck with factory applied primer, saving on labor costs and time to field apply primer and touch-up of burn marks.
  • Rivets offered in galvanized coating and white finish, complementing our Prime Shield® primer gray and white finishes.
  • Smooth Series Cellular Deck rivet attachments are flush with the exposed bottom surface, omitting visible “bumps” associated with welded attachments.
  • High quality rivet attachments are uniformly repeated along deck profile, offering an aesthetically pleasing exposed structural steel design.
  • Meets performance and capacity requirements in accordance with AISI S100-12 and AISI S310 and SDI Design Standards.

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